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committed to holistic healing

After attending and completing the massage therapy program at the East-West College of the Healing Arts in my beautiful hometown of Portland, Oregon, I have remained in practice here since 2006.

There are many aspects of therapeutic massage that draw me to it...all the creativity that goes into crafting each session, the science of how it works, connecting with people, taking a genuine interest in their well-being and helping them to maintain healthier lives on a holistic level. I also stay active in learning more about and practicing good habits within the other supporting elements that keep us healthy and balanced in both our bodies and our minds, like fitness and nutrition.

Whether you are simply interested in taking a more holistic approach to maintaining your overall health & preventative care or are managing pain while healing from a specific muscular issue (be it chronic or acute), I help to define massage treatment goals and thoughtfully craft massage sessions that are entirely custom to you. It is always my top priority to get you in for treatment as soon as possible and there are often appointments available for the same day you contact me to schedule. Let me know what times are ideal for your next visit and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

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Centrally located with ample street parking and easy access to public transportation, come visit us in our urban oasis.

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services and fees

Swedish Massage 30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
Uses five basic methods of bodywork technique to increase circulation, decrease anxiety levels, improve muscle tone & flexibility and relieve muscle aches & pain. $35 $70 $105
Deep Tissue Massage 30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
Includes a bodywork technique that uses underlying structures and bony prominences to release knots and rigor from deeper muscle tissue. $35 $70 $105
Aromatherapy Per session
Add drops of essential oil(s) to enhance massage treatments and benefit from their various healing properties $10
Please note that above fees apply only to out-of-pocket payments made at time of service. A 24 hour notice is required for cancellations. If you do not give 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full price for your massage session. Payment is accepted by cash, check or card.

Treat the ones you love to a massage! Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount, can be customized and never expire. Payment is accepted by cash, check or card. Available for pick-up or delivery by USPS.

Massage packages
I encourage clients to get into a routine with receiving bodywork as it will boost the efficiency of your massage treatments through increase of frequency and retrained muscle memory. Enjoy some savings for making the commitment! Hours purchased may be used in any increment of 30 minutes. 3-6 hours
Save 10%

6 hours or more
Save 15%
Gift Certificates

bring massage to you

Outcall Massage
Prefer to skip the travel time? I provide the service of bringing my massage table to your location for treatment $10 per reservation (within SE/ Central, SW, NW, & NE Portland neighborhoods) + price of massage session
Chair Massage
Schedule some restorative time for the whole group. A convenient way to enjoy the many benefits of massage through shorter sessions focused on relaxation and/or specific muscle locations. Perfect for afternoon breaks at work, bridal/baby showers, or any special event $10 per reservation (within SE/ Central, SW, NW, & NE Portland neighborhoods) + $1 per minute of massage (with a 30-minute booking minimum)

If your location is outside of the Portland neighborhood parameters pictured below, a rate of $1 per additional mile will be added to your reservation charge.

Get free Massage

Referrals add up!

For each new client you recommend to me, I will treat you to 15 minutes of free massage. Use minutes as they are given or save them up for whole sessions.

4 referrals =
1 hour of massage

* Referrals are only valid for sessions paid out-of-pocket. Contact us with any questions.

Post Massage Care

After your massage, it is important to drink plenty of extra water for the next 48 hours to flush any toxins we might have released into your blood stream. You may also be sore in the areas we work on, especially if we do deeper massage; this should only last 1-2 days. Stretching is essential to maintaining flexibility in your joints & length in your muscles and it's a great way to provide self-care in between massage treatments. Let's build a plan together!

Insurance information

Have you recently suffered an auto accident? If the incident happened within the last year, I am likely able to bill insurance for your massage treatments. I am also credentialed as a health care provider for Kaiser Permanente and can bill for self-referrals and physician referrals made through select health care plans. I am always happy to make some calls to check your benefits.

Massage FAQ

What should I expect from my first massage session?

The first thing we'll do is go over your health intake form to make sure I am up to date on all your health needs and/or concerns. It is important to let me know about any medications you are taking and any allergies you might have so I can conduct your therapeutic massage session safely. Please let me know if there are specific areas (i.e. neck & shoulders, low back) you would like me to focus on during your massage as well as if there are any areas you do not want me to massage for any reason.

As soon as we're done with your intake I will show you to the treatment room, explain how to situate yourself onto the table and then leave the room to give you a few minutes to do that. After giving a knock on the door and hearing from you that you are ready for me to come back in the room, I will re-enter the treatment room and begin your massage.

The rest of the session depends on your areas of focus and how you would like to map out the time we have to massage. To give some examples of how the time in a session might be spent: 60 minutes is usually enough time to work on 2-3 areas of focus and incorporate them into a full-body massage, depending on the severity of the issues; 30 minutes is usually just enough time to work on 2-3 areas of focus; 90 minutes is enough time to work on up to 2-3 areas of focus as well as give a thorough full-body massage. You might prefer a deeper pressure in a specific area of focus and a lighter pressure in other areas we massage. Some clients like to talk during part or all of their massage and some clients like to rest their mind and remain silent; I will occasionally make a request for you to change position on the table or to give me feedback while I massage a specific area but will do so in a quiet, unobtrusive manner. I may also encourage you to try and rest your mind if conversation seems to have a tensing effect on your session.

Remember, this massage is all about you so please do not hesitate at any time to tell me what you need. I want to be sure to address and include it in your session!

Do I have to get completely undressed?

After I leave the room to let you get on the table, I ask that you undress to your comfort level and lay underneath both the top sheet and blanket on the table. Some clients like to remove all clothing, some clients like to leave their underwear on. It is entirely up to you to determine how you feel most comfortable and able to relax. For women, I do recommend removing your bra so I am able to get the best access when treating your shoulders and back.

I will only uncover areas of your body as I am working on them and my competency in proper use of draping technique ensures that private parts (genitals, breasts, gluteal cleft) will remain unexposed throughout your entire massage.

Will it hurt to get massage?

Ever heard the term "no pain, no gain?" This does not necessarily apply to your massage treatment. It depends entirely on what you would like from your session.

During the first few minutes of your massage. I will start with a light pressure to assess and warm up your muscle & connective tissue. As I begin to increase my depth of pressure I will remain in close verbal communication with you to be sure it is still helpful and not harmful. This process may be repeated when moving to other areas of focus during your massage. It is important to strike a balance between applying enough pressure to release contracted muscle fibers and keeping pressure light enough so that you are physically able to relax.

After a Deep Tissue massage, it is common to be sore later in the areas we worked on. This should not last longer than a day or two and is similar to the soreness you may feel after a hard workout. Taking a hot shower or soak may help ease this soreness. Drinking plenty of water during the next 48 hours after treatment will also help to reduce the effects that sometimes occur after receiving a massage, such as experiencing a headache or flu-like symptoms. Being well-hydrated prior to treatment may also help to preemptively ward off these symptoms.

What if I have a question or need something during my massage?

If there is ever a time before, during or after your massage treatment that you need to tell me something or ask for clarification on anything during your session, I welcome you to please let me know.

Need more or less pressure in a specific area or overall? Want some different music? Have a question about something we are working on or how massage works, in general?

Just ask, it's okay!

How often should I get massage?

I recommend getting a massage once per month to stay on an effective maintenance schedule. If you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed, we may start with more frequency at first and then taper your visits to more of a maintenance schedule as your condition improves.

Whatever your calendar and budget will allow, I encourage you to schedule for massage with some sort of regularity. This will nurture your muscle memory and keep the surrounding connective tissue pliable as well as increase the efficiency of your massage sessions and help to preserve the work we do. This way, we will not have to "fight fires" each time you come in or repeatedly spend time breaking down all the built-up tension that occurs in the muscle & connective tissue when you are not on a regular maintenance routine with massage. Stretching is also a big factor in making the most of your massages as it will help you to retain flexibility and muscle length in between your sessions.

If you need help determining what might work best for you I am always available to help you develop a plan custom to what you need. Let me know!